Vickie has been involved with Animals Rule since 2005 when she adopted her current dog Reagan from us.  Since that day she has sent numerous aquantances including her family members our way to adopt dogs.  Having adopted personally from this group, Vickie continued to stop by to walk dogs and has stayed in touch over the years until becoming an official volunteer in 2011 and celebrated by adopting her second dog Archie from us.

Vickie and her husband own and run California Electrical Training (CETI).  CETI is approved by the California division of labor standards as school number #151 which educates/trains would be electricians as well as provides additional courses and education for current licensed electricians.  Vickie contributed to the formation and development of CETI.  She and her husband Jack have had great success in assisting over 12,000 men and women in becoming State Certified Electricians. Vickie is the company's administrator and oversees all training, enrolement and withdrawls from the program. She coordinates the instructers schedules, reviews all courses for state compliance and motivates school personnel to attend ECCC meetings in Sacramento.

Vickie brings her knowledge of training to Animals Rule.  When she speaks to potential adopters she is always encouraging and motivating people to exercise their dogs and attend obedience training.   She wholeheartedly believes that with pleanty of exercise and obedience training you will have a healthier and happier family pet as well as a happier owner.  Vickies dogs are obviously examples and embassadors for her cause.