DianeHiggs DianeVolunteer Diane is new to the animal rescue world.  With a year under her belt she takes great pride in her work as a poop picker-upper, dog walker and animal bather at the rescue.

Animals Rule made a lasting impression on Diane when she found herself in need of solutions for a wayward dog.  Through that process and experience, Diane found a place to channel her love for animals.

Diane has worked in higher education for the past twelve years.  She serves as the Manager of Student Affairs for a Graduate Program in Sport Management.   Her primary responsibilities include recruitment, admissions, advisement and coordination between students and faculty.    She is instrumental in building the program into one of the largest and successful of its kind in the country.   Her attention to detail affords her with the ability to produce outstanding results in her myriad of responsibilities.  As a relationship oriented person, Diane believes collaboration and collegiality paves the way to excellence.     She is an adjunct professor as well, coordinating internship opportunities and sites for the graduate students.

She is a former officer in the Marine Corps, member of Fedex management, and owner of a bookstore and project manager for an ecommerce shipping company.

Diane is also a failed foster parent of Pepper, which she adopted from Animals Rule.  She also has two sweet Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mixes Murphy and Riley.  They sulk every time she comes home from Animals Rule Rescue with the smell of others.