michellerizza1 Michele has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Socialogy and also a Masters degree in Behavioral Science from Loyola Maramount University.  She was in the honors society of Phi Kappa Phi and also the Universities assistant tennis coach.

From there, she began her career in the Airline industry where she has remained since 1981. She started her career with Flying Tigers Airlines before Fed Ex took over and then continued her relationship with Fed Ex as a Recruiter and Operations Agent.  In 1995 she made the switch to United Airlines where she is currently still employed.  From 1997 - 1999, in addition to flying, Michele was an Adjunct Professor at San Bernardino Valley College and also Orange Coast College.  She taught several classes there such as; a flight attendant survey courses, travel carrier courses, airline terms and codes, image attitude and appearance courses, written employment and skills courses, and a class in travel geography of Southern Europe.

Michele has been doing animal rescue since 1999. In 2003, Michele brought all her knowledge and customer service skills with her as the Co-Founder and CEO/President of Animals Rule Placement Foundation.  She is currently involved with our fundraising and fostering programs at Animals Rule. Michele is very proud of the progress this rescue has made and evolved into over the last 10 years.

Michele is married and has 3 rescue dogs of her own.