Barbara Hoelzle, has a degree in Information Systems and is the Area Director of Telecommunications at Kaiser Permanente (KP) South Bay Medical Center (SBMC), where she has worked for 24 years.  She supervises ten operators who handle an average of 35,000 calls a month in their, 24/7 365 day a year department.

Barbara administers the Databases for IntelliDESK the SBMC intranet based Phone Directory, MIR3 and 'Send Word Now' the Emergency Notification systems and the Member Guide book.  Database Administration for IntelliDESK is vitally important to keep user information current as staff and physicians move to new locations.  The IntelliWeb directory provides immediate access from any computer on the intranet.  Users can look up numbers, page, view on-call schedules and email directly from this screen.  Barbara is the lead for her Peer Group with IntelliDESK issues and a business partner with the Lead Business Consultant in Oakland who makes business decisions for 42 KP sites based on her input.  As a member of KP’s Governance Board of "Alert Response Mgmt of Emergencies and Disasters" Barbara participated in determining the new vendor for emergency notifications.  As a “Super User”, Barbara is piloting a new Emergency Notification System “Send Word Now” (SWN) which will be used at Kaisers throughout the United States.

For 14 years, Kaiser Administration has supported Barbara’s community service which began by raising Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB).  The dog(s) accompanied her in her daily work routine, giving them work experience to assist them in their future roles as guides.

When two of the five GDB’s in training did not pass because, they were too social; they were certified for pet therapy and continued to accompany Barbara to work. The Therapy Dogs have benefited the staff, physician’s and patients bringing a smile to many faces and relieving stress from long hours and difficult days.  In addition to Pet Therapy these same dogs are certified with HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response.  They participate in many kinds of crisis response including major wildfires, line of duty deaths, shootings, train derailments and hurricane Katrina

Barbara currently has three Therapy Dogs: Tita a Greyhound, Rudi a Deer Chihuahua and Hannah a Yorkie.  She has two additional dogs Mya, an Itialian Greyhound and Teeny, another Deer Chihuahua.  Barbara brings all this knowledge and training to the many dogs who pass through Animals Rule. She has fostered over 100 dogs , many coming from the shelter pregnant who then have their puppies at her house and stay with her until they are adopted.  She interviews potential adopters and visits their homes to insure each pets safety.