ReneeVolunteer Renee is new to the animal rescue world and started volunteering with Animals Rule in March of 2015.  A San Pedro native, Renee was looking for an outlet to volunteer with animals and give back to the community she was born and raised in.  She has been an animal lover her entire life and over the years has owned several dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.  Animals Rule gives Renee the outlet she was looking for to channel her love for animals by focusing on the emotional support she is able to provide to the animals.  Weather its walking them, providing play time in the kennels, bathing, or just holding them to help them feel secure and less abandoned, we see an improvement in the dogs well being because of her.  Renee currently resides with 3 cats and 1 bearded dragon.

Since 2008 Renee has been an administrative assistant for Standard Wire & Cable Company.  They have over 60 years of service to the public in two different locations, California and Arizona.  With over 25,000 different types of wire and cable available they are successful selling to local and international companies.  Renee works in the billing department and is in charge of billing all the orders that are sent out both locally and internationally.