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Chiquita before & after her grade 3 luxating patella surgery & 4 lb weight loss. 2009

*Surgery done by Dr. Diane Craig of Veterinary Surgical Specialists Tustin, CA.

Chiquitafam2 08/25/09 - "Hi Shannon, just wanted to give you a little update on Miss Chiquita the chihuahua! She has been an absolute delight since we got her on Wednesday. Just as you said, she is completely housebroken and actually signals us to take her outside. When we say "go potty" and she spins in a circle, we know it's time!!! She bonded right away with me and sticks by me wherever I go (to the powder room even!) She made herself right at home hopping on our couch and bed for snuggles. She also has her own little doggie bed where she will occasionally lay down for some "alone time". As you warned us, it is taking her longer to bond with Richard but she is slowly warming up to him and even climbs on to the couch with him and gives him the occasional kiss. She is just a mama's girl. That's OK since our last dog was a "daddy's girl" so I am finally getting him back! We have been taking daily walks which she loves, car rides (ditto) and visiting other family members to introduce Chiquita. Everyone loves her and wants to hold her and get a Chihuahua kiss. I can not walk her 50 feet without people stopping to look at her or ask me about her. When she's riding in the car, kids will point and wave! I can't thank you enough for giving us a chance to have this little bundle of love in our lives. After the passing of our last dog we were so depressed and sad, and Chiquita is our new baby who is spoiled and pampered like all babies should be! I wish I could give a home to every doggie you have waiting. I will send some pictures next time so you can see Princess Chiquita and her "castle' here in Redondo Beach."

Thanks again, Kim Hainsworth