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We pulled Moose out of the Baldwin Park Shelter on July 25, 2009. This is Moose before and after his bilateral cherry eye surgery.  His eyes were very painful and irritated. He was adopted in September 2009.


*Surgery done by Dr. Caylor of All Pets Veterinary Hospital

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Moosefam2 Moosefam1 10/02/09 - "Hello- We appreciate your dedication of care and concern for the animals you place in their new homes and the follow up they receive from you. For the most part I believe Moose has adjusted well and enjoys his new home. He is wonderful with the boys, very patient and gentle. Everyone loves him when they meet him because he is so cool and laid back. Talk about lazy :)....He sometimes feels the need to take a break during our evening walk to lay down and lick the grass, which I think is pretty comical. Today the weather was just beautiful, and he was sunning himself in the back yard when I left for work. He didn't bother getting up to say goodbye, just thumped his tail.  Jamie

09/20/09 -" Hello there, So far he is doing really great. He is finally settling into his own. He loves that bed. We will send some pics of him soon. The boys love him and he is doing really good with them. Been going on nightly walks and so far so good. We know he does like little dogs.  He initially tried to stay on the couch and had to be picked up off of the couch but other than that he's great.  Thank you so much for allowing us to bring him to our home." Jeremy and family