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Lokie - German Shepherd Dog, Male





Here is how it all began... Over this last weekend (2/28/16) we did a very rewarding yet heartbreaking intake from a business in the Wilmington area. This is Lokie. He is currently 12 months old and has lived on the end of this 25lb chain for his entire life. Nuzzled in between this wall and truck was his living quarters. He slept and lived in his own urine and feces his entire life. He has never been bathed. Have a look at that chain, as he turned and moved about that chain got twisted tighter and tighter around his neck causing his head to tilt to the side. This is how he lived day in and day out. Nobody loved him, nobody pet him, nobody took care of him. Sometimes he ate, sometimes he didn't. A customer of the business noticed Lokie chained up, head tilted to the side and unable to move about. He talked the owner into releasing the dog. Over the weekend he brought Lokie to us and begged us to take him. We did........ 

Random Links, a local San Pedro magazine,  heard about Lokie and did a story on him.  Here is the link to the story.  Enjoy

April 30, 2016 - Today we picked Lokie up from his Boot Camp out at K9 companions.  He is a changed dog.  This is a true success story.  A few of us volunteers were trained on his commands and hand signals that he knows.  We are so proud of Lokie.  From being chained up,  to prancing around the training yard at K9 Companions Training Center with his personal trainer "showing off" just brought us to tears.  His transformation brough us to tears.  We are so proud of Lokie.  Lokie can sit, stay, heel, come, and wait to enter a door way.  He can also do all of this on a 30 foot lead. 


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In May 2016 Lokie was adopted by this wonderful family.

Pictured is Lokie with his new family Kim and Boomer