Nino1 Nino2 Nino4 Nino7 Nino - Bichon Mix, Male


Here is our little guy Nino.  He has lived almost his entire life chained up.  Compliments of Studio Grooming in San Pedro, Nino was bathed and groomed. Cate did a wonderful job and said Nino was a perfect client.



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Ninofam1 Here is how it all began.... This is Nino. He is the second chained dog rescued from a business in Wilmington by a good Samaritan.  Nino is a 2-3 yr old Poodle who has lived his life at the end of a chain.  When he could not move at the end of his chain he stood up and learned to balance himself on his hind legs. He lived with no shelter from rain or sun, no love and no affection. At the end of the chain he watched the days go by, sometimes he was fed, other times he was not. He is filthy dirty and reeks of the urine and feces that he lived and slept in. On Feb 28th his chain was cut off and left behind as he was brought to our rescue. These pictures are taken in his holding kennel at our rescue. He does not know where he is, or what to do with himself.  Also pictured is Nino at the groomers for the first time in his life. He either sits or stands straight up, the only things he learned living on the end of a chain.

Pictured is Nino with his new owner Sandra