DahliaPreOp DahliaPostOpXray2 Dahlia is a 6 month old Lab pup bought from a Pet Store aka Puppy Mill called Bark Works in the Cerritos Mall.  She has bilateral hip dysplasia and needs bilateral FHO's to live a pain free life.  Here is Dahlia and her hip xrays before her left hip was surgically repaired.  They cut the ball off the femur to prevent it from gringing bone on bone in the hip socket.  YOu can see both hip bones are completely out of whats left of the sockets.

Her surgery was done by Diane Craig, DVM at Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin, CA.



DahliaConeHead DhaliaPostOpXray1 DahliaPostOp02 DahliaPostOp03









Here is Dahlia after her left hip was surgically repaired on 10/6/15. They cut off the femoral head so that it would not grind in the hip socket anymore which is what causes the pain. 

DahliaPostop2 Her right hip was surgically repaired on 11/13/2015


Dahliafam1 Here is Dahlia with her new family.  Adopted on New years Eve 2015!