Sweetie2 SweetieEar1 IMG 6521 Sweetiepostop1 IMG 6518 Sweetie - Yorkie Sweetie - Yorkie

November 2014 ~ This little 10 yr old Yorkie, "Sweetie,"  was owner surrendered for bad knees and a chronic ear infection.  Have a look at the video of her walking the day she came to us followed by how she walked 5 days post op. Her surgery, a TICA and bilateral luxating patella repair, was done at Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin by Dr. Sebestyen

This surgery cost $3,766.74

Sweetiefam1 January 2015 - Sweetie has been adoped to Denise. Denise is one of the Registered Vet Tech's who helped rehab Sweetie following her surgery, helping her to walk normally again.