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~         June 26th, 2013        ~         June 28th, 2013          ~        July 12th, 2013         ~         July 15th, 2013


View Mel running as of July 27th, 2013

We pulled Mel out of the Baldwin Park Shelter.   She had an untreated 2 month old femur fracture that required amputation.  Dr. Cambridge of Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin did her surgery on June 28th 2013.  Total cost $1,945.20, she was also spayed and fully vaccinated. She made a 100% complete recovery and the video's above capture her recovery.  Mel was adopted on July 24th 2013.

MelFam1 August 2013 - Here is Mel in her new home with Clark also adopted from Animals Rule Rescue several years back.