Animals Rule offers microchipping to the public: Stop by any Saturday between 11:00am - 4:00pm and we will microchip your pet. No appointment necessary. Animals Rule is located at 305 N Harbor Blvd, San Pedro, CA 90731. All the dogs adopted through Animals Rule Placement Foundation are Microchipped.

Cost: The cost is $35.00 per pet and this includes the chip insertion, confirmation scanning, and pet registration with AVID. We chip dogs and cats. It's safe! It's easy! and best of all..... 100% of the proceeds benefit the animals here in our sanctuary.

Nobody chips for less then we do: We feel microchipping is an important step in reuniting lost pets with thier owners. A chipped pet helps to keep them out of the shelters as well as rescue organizations. We want to help you, make our job easier. Every animal that comes through our facility is scanned for a microchip. Found a dog? Wondering if it's chipped? Bring it by and we will scan it for you! It's our pleasure.

About AVID Microchips: We use AVID microchips. It's a small shot that insertes a chip (looks like a grain of rice) between the shoulder blades of your pet. Any pet that is picked up and taken to any kill or no kill animal shelter, rescue organization, or veterinarian, can scan for a microchip. If the scanner detects a chip, the ownership information is given out by AVID, and you receive a phone call that reunites you with your lost pet.

AVID information: If your pet is chipped and you have moved or lost your AVID information, it is listed below. Please call AVID to update your information in their computer bank. Avid Identification Systems Inc. 3185 Hamner Ave. Norco, CA 92860-9972, 800-336-2843 or 951-284-1300 Fax:951-737-8967 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Microchip your bird: Do you need your bird chipped? Yes, birds get chipped too. We don't do it at our facility but our friends over at Animal Lover's Pet Store in Torrance do. Please call them for days and times. They are located at 5141 Calle Mayor (corner of PCH & Calle Mayer) Torrance, CA 90505. 310-378-3052
*They also do bird and reptile boarding.